01Names Matter
(Here’s Why We Think Ours Does)

Like many of our clients, we wanted a name that was different, but still easy to understand and say, that still communicated what we thought was most important. After considering over 100 names, we homed in on “Taillight” for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a visually appealing word, bookended by Ts and with an attractive set of 4 parallel letters in the middle (although it’s certainly not always a crucial criteria, having a name that lends itself well to design is always a plus!)
  2. If someone can see your taillight, it means you’re ahead–so the idea here is that our work helps our clients get ahead
  3. Taillights exist for visibility purposes, and what is the purpose of branding if not to make your brand more visible?
  4. Taillights are found on vehicles, and your brand is exactly that: a vehicle to tell your customers your story, of why you matter and why they should care
  5. Finally, taillights  themselves can tell a story. Look at the picture above, for instance–you can see where they came from, and where they’re going; a nod to both legacy, and the future.

Design Matters, Too


In keeping with our name’s essence, we were committed to infusing our visual identity with deep-seated significance. This endeavor began with the creation of a logo that encapsulates the myriad of messages we wish to convey:


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